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Are Ya'll ready?

Rattlesnake bend

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WHat's the story?

Are y'all ready for a heart-pumping western-style escape like nothin' you've ever seen?


Explore an immersive western town and help Cactus Jack, the town's notoriously sly prisoner, with some tasks in exchange for a way out. Is your team up to the challenge? Will you be the good guys or bad? Book your adventure today!

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Difficulty | 6/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Western Action

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Award Winning Escape

Rattlesnake Bend Is an award winning escape room experience, reviewed by the globally known escape room review team, Room Escape Artists. Their team of escape room enthusiasts have reviewed over thousands of escape rooms around the world and labeled Rattlesnake Bend as a MUST DO attraction!

"The thing that makes escape rooms special is their ability to suddenly transport you to a place and time that you never expected. At Bust Out Escape Room we stepped out of their hallway… and into Old West Santa Fe. And it was joyous, we couldn’t get enough of it." - Escape Room Artists.

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$30 Per Person