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Special occasions 

Looking for an exciting adventure for a birthday, team building for sports or corporation?

Play on your Birthday!

Birthday party escape room

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your birthday? Try putting your wits to the test with your friends and family! 

Bust Out Escape Room in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a great place to spend your birthday. Choose from our 7 private escape rooms, and then immerse yourselves in a challenging test you won’t soon forget!

Our Paseo location is conveniently located next to Mario's Pizza. Have your pizza and dessert at Mario's then head on over to Bust Out Escape Room to test your wits. Great American Cookies & Ice Cream is also within walking distance. 

If you’d like to book a children’s birthday party, we suggest reading through our FAQ. To participate in one of our escape room events in Albuquerque, children under the age of 14 need to have a parent or adult with them.

 If you’ve been searching for escape room team-building activities in the Albuquerque area, Bust Out Escape Room offers the most effective team building and team bonding experiences outside of the work place or sports fields.


Wether your team is small group of 4-8 people or a larger group of 50 -200 people, we have the experience for you. We offer 7 escape room scenarios within 2 locations. Each escape room at Bust Out has themed strategic puzzles involving physical props and puzzles, hidden objects, visual set designs, logical puzzles, team work puzzles, and brainteasers which make escape rooms perfect for your next team building activity or party. 

Sports Team Bonding Event 

team building escape room

Looking to book a fun event for your DREAM TEAM? Look no further! 

Not only are escape rooms extremely fun, It will help your team build strong connections with each-other. 

During game-play, the team will solve puzzles and riddles, using problem-solving and observational skills to work together to achieve success together. Team members must share ideas and information clearly while exercising their listening skills. The 60 minute time restriction adds a stress factor and will test their decision-making skills as a sports team!

Corporate Team Building

Escape rooms are themed puzzle-solving exercises, where players work together to "escape" from somewhere or something. They are often used for social events, to strengthen teams, or to develop key professional skills.

Your team will experience an hour packed with FUN; exploring realistic environments, solving brainteasing puzzles, sharing idea's, and rushing to escape! Click "Learn More" to see special pricing.

Team building escape room Albuquerque

Bust Out Escape Room games create a unique environment which requires the skills of every person in the room. Although it is a simulation, the game becomes serious when the team needs to reach a goal in a set amount of time. This creates a fun and cooperative atmosphere that pulls people in and results in team work.

Escape Rooms help an working team by improving communication skills, enhance individual and team confidence. Not only that but this team experience will help working relationships, improve time management skills, and up grade your teams problem solving skills. 

Other Special occasions 

Family Friendly Escape Room Albuquerque

Family Activity 

Escape Room Enthusiasts

Escape Room Enthusiasts 

Escape Room near me

Out Of Town Guests 

New Mexico Escape room


2 person escape room

Double Dates

Engagment escape room


party escape room Albuquerque

Wedding Parties 

Best escape room near me


Bachelorette Escape Room party

Bachelorette Parties 

Bachelor Parties escape room

Bachelor Parties 

girls night out escape room

Girls Night Out 

Guys night out escape room

Guys Night Out 

sports team building escape room

Sports Team Parties 

escape room team building Albuquerque

Co-Worker Get Togethers

gamer activities

Gamer Activities 

friend activitys Albuquerque new mexico

Friend Activities  


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