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Old Western Town

Y'all ready for a heart-pumping western-style escape like nothin' you've ever seen?


Explore an immersive western town and help Cactus Jack, the town's notoriously sly prisoner, with some tasks in exchange for a way out. Is your team up to the challenge? Will you be the good guys or bad? Book your adventure today!

Difficulty | 6/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Western Action


per person


A wild jungle, roaring animals, and mysterious drums. This isn't your average board game! Get ready to experience an escape game like no other!

Difficulty | 8/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Adventure


per person


The legend of this Temple's curse has been told for ages. Many have died trying to discover its true power. Whatever the source of this curse is, it's buried deep within. Your team must overcome obstacles such as deadly traps, snakes and ancient mechanics. You will only have 1 hour to explore the ancient ruins and try and escape before the curse consumes you!

Difficulty | 5/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Adventure


per person


You and your team are a group of scientists working on Area 53, a top secret government facility on our moon that is used to test dangerous new experiments. A hostile genetic experiment has just escaped in the Dark Sector, and now your team must find your way off the moon and fast, or be eaten alive.

Does your team have the skills to make it out alive?

You have 1 hour....

Difficulty | 7/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Sci-fi


per person


Its been 16 years since Camp Crystal Lake has been closed and most locals agree it is finally safe to reopen the camp. Your group poses as volunteer counselors to help reopen the camp for this year! Oh wait, did that door just lock behind you? You have 60 minutes to escape from the wrath of Jason Voorhees. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Difficulty | 7/10

Players | 4 - 6

Genre | Horror 


per person


Your team of soldiers is tasked with saving the nation from WWIII. Your team will start the adventure in an abandoned bunker that holds a retired nuclear device that may destroy the threats. You only have one hour to make your way through this Doomsday-themed escape room before certain destruction. Therefore, your team should be fast and stealthy on this mission to escape in time. If you believe your team can escape Doomsday, book your adventure today. 

Difficulty | 9/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Action


per person

*Not recommended for first-time players.

Perfect for those looking for a challenge!


Rumor has it that Leonardo Da Vinci’s hidden artwork and inventions are worth millions. It’s your mission to use information given to you by the FBI to discover the whereabouts of these unknown secrets. You have exactly 60 minutes to find, investigate, and solve these mysteries. The Da Vinci’s Secret escape room at Albuquerque’s Bust Out Escape Room is the place to put your problem-solving skills to the test. If your team is up to the challenge, book your adventure today.​

Difficulty | 7/10

Players | 4 - 8

Genre | Mystery


per person

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"The best escape room I have EVER been to! The family who owns these escape rooms are so kind and really experienced with all things escape rooms. No other escape room in the ABQ area compares to this one! Be sure to check them out!"

Avalon Y. 5 Stars.


"This is by far the best place to do an escape room in Albuquerque! The staff are awesome and the rooms are very well put together! Before you waste your money at "Escape The Room Albuquerque" definitely go to this place first. I guarantee you will not be disappointed."

Kevin B. 5 Stars.



Experience the best escape rooms in Albuquerque. Whether you wish to escape from evil characters or use your knowledge to unlock well-kept secrets, Bust Out Escape Room has the thrills you seek. 


Privacy makes us different—you’ll never have to work with strangers, only your friends, family, or co-workers. You can book a birthday party, team building event, or simply an evening out with your loved ones. 


We offer two Albuquerque escape room locations; our original location is on San Mateo Boulevard, and our second location is on Paseo del Norte.


If you’re searching for the most thrilling escape rooms Albuquerque has to offer, book a heart-pounding race against the clock at Bust Out Escape Room. Call us today at 505-508-1155 to schedule your ABQ escape room adventure.

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