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How to Choose an Escape Adventure

Firstly, you're in the right place and asking the right questions. We're glad you're here because this question is the most important problem to solve out of your entire escape experience. Wether your question is "Which escape room should we choose for our first escape?" or "We've done tons of escape rooms, which one will we do next?" We'll have the game for you.


Each room has a difficulty level displayed on the website. This will be the first topic to consider while booking your first escape room. Playing an easier room will allow your team to naturally develop skills and strategies to work together, solve puzzles, and escape. Your team will feel excited, accomplished, and encouraged to try the next level up. However, If you start with a more difficult escape room, it may end up being more frustrating than fun.

If your team is experienced with escape rooms, we suggest you choose a game that best fits your teams current level of escape skills. If you have failed an 8/10 escape room, go down to the nearest difficulty before trying any games that are harder.


At Bust Out Escape Room we are proud to offer 7 different escape adventures. From exploring ancient Mayan ruins to helping a sly prisoner in a local western town. Each game we offer is vastly different in theme, difficulty, environment, and over all goal of the story line.

We recommend to read the story lines of each game with your team and look at the room photos posted on the website. Choose an adventure that best fits your teams desires. Action, mystery, horror and even sci-fi.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong. All games we offer are fun, full of excitement, and mystery. We want your team to be up for the challenge, but picking the right difficulty level for your team will only add to your experience.


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